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quarta-feira, 27 de março de 2019

Passagem dos Romeiros da Ribeirinha pelo Nordeste (video)

Passagem do Rancho de Romeiros da Ribeirinha pelo Nordeste, 10 de Março de 2019.
O texto abaixo é de Deodata Arruda Rossi, natural da Ribeirinha:

From this weekend until Holy Friday in the Island I was born, almost every village have a group of men call Romeiros ” like Pilgrims ‘ .They go around the Island for one week , starting early hours in the morning until sundown, praying and singing church hymns and stopping in every church and chapel around the Island . At sundown they have a Mass at the village they at and people from the village give them a home to stay for the night. A dinner a shower and a bed to sleep. These pilgrimages started about XVI when in Vila Franca do Campo a castrophy occured in October. 22, 1522. A big hearthquake completely disappear good part of the city then of Vila Franca. In the 1500s the Capital of the Island . Now Ponta Delgada is the Capital. A lot of people died and lost they homes . The earthquakes went on till the 1600s. And because of fear a group of men from that City would go around the Island praying for safety of the Island and their loved ones. This group in the video is the group from my hometown Ribeirinha. I have my brother and two nephews doing this pilgrimage. And the town they at is at the North of the Island called ‘ Nordeste ‘ May God keep them safe and give them good weather.
May God Bless you all.

Fonte: Mário Nelson Medeiros

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